If you are looking to get more NLP students on your courses then this could be the most important web page you have ever read. Here at NLP Training Profits we specialise in helping NLP Training Schools do two things. First we drive targeted traffic online – sending people in your area looking for NLP training courses to your website. Second, we convert that traffic into students on your courses. Here is how we do it:

Traffic Generation – Making sure your business is found by the people looking for NLP courses

We will help your NLP training school get greater visibility on the internet by making sure your website is found on the first page of google. Not only that but once we are driving people to your website we will set up retargeting so that your ads and content will follow them around the internet so your NLP business is always top of mind. We will also help you build trust and engagement via social media so your prospects see you as the authority on NLP and NLP training. We have a number of ways we can do this:

If you are a smaller NLP Training School who is only looking to add a few more students to your courses each month then our gold level package is perfect for you. The gold package gives you our custom trifold traffic generation strategy designed to drive immediate targeted traffic while providing long-term authority and search engine rankings. If you are a larger NLP Training School or are looking for faster growth then our platinum level package is perfect for you. The platinum package boosts the speed of your results by including our custom multimedia authority building strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation – Increasing the number of visitors that book onto your courses

Traffic on its own is useless unless it converts into students on your courses. This is why the second step in our unique NLP Training Profits system is to implement our conversion rate optimisation process. We break down your entire sales funnel and define your key metrics – are you looking for more leads, to sell more products or to get more people signing up to your mailing list ? We figure out what needs to be done at each stage of your business to improve those results to really maximise on the traffic we are generating in the first stage of our system.

Here Is How We Can Help You

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make at this stage is to head off and start trying to rank their website in the search engines or they start to drive some traffic via Google Adwords and changing the copy on their website to try and convert more customers. They quickly find that this just flat out doesn’t work but they can’t figure out why. This is because they haven’t put a solid foundations in place. The biggest common thread that runs through all of our successful clients is that they had a solid foundation in place with strategic goals. They knew exactly where their positioning in the market was and exactly what the weaknesses in the market place were. They also knew exactly what the strengths and weaknesses were of all their competitors.

That is what is missing from the online marketing of most businesses and exactly why we won’t just sell you a traffic package or a conversion package. We want to sit down with you and understand your business and market better than maybe even you do so that we can put together a strategic plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. This is what our 5 Step Business Success Audit does and here is how it works:

1) Opportunity – During our in-depth Business Opportunity Analysis we will look at how many lead generation systems you have in place and how frequently they are being executed. We will look at where your your NLP Training school is showing up in the search engines and on social media gives to enable us to highlight any opportunities that are not currently being maximised.

2) Visibility – Our unique Online Visibility Audit is designed to show how your website and online marketing program stack up to their potential. When you search for your business name do you appear on top or are your competitors beating you for your name? When you search for your products and services does your business come out on top or are your competitors beating you ? When you search for your competitors name does your site appear in the mix at all or are you nowhere to be found ?

3) Market – There are over 5300 searches per month by people looking for NLP training and that is just a small snapshot of the total number of people searching for NLP related information. How much of that traffic are you getting ? How many more courses could you run with just a small percentage of that website traffic ? In this phase of we will analyse the keywords that are being searched for by people looking for NLP courses in your location. From this we can determine what we need to do to enable us to attract those people.

4) Competition – We will analyse your top 5 competitors to see where they are compared to you and what we can do to beat them. We will look at you online competition and the people who are ahead of you in the search rankings and put together a step by step plan to beating them

5) Optimisation – We have a 120 point checklist that we take all our clients sites through to make sure it is targeting the right audience, the user experience is the best it can be and will actually make sales. We will analyse your site based on this checklist and let you know your score and what we need to do to fix any issues.

What Next?

The next step is to book your completely free, no obligation strategy session where we can discuss the results you are looking for and identify where the opportunities for growth are within your business. The strategy session can be done over the phone and at the end of it you will have some actionable information to move your business forwards.

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