Getting The Foundations Right

Color Run

Last week I signed up for The Color Run. If you haven’t heard of The Color Run, it is a 5k race where you get covered from head to toe in different colours at each kilometre.

I signed up to The Colour Run last year and it was great fun, but I sucked at the running part.

I have never been a very good runner but I figured 5k wasn’t very far. I could handle it.

I had no plan, no training schedule and no information on how I could improve.

I quickly learned my lesson last year. It was a hard 5k and I felt like I was going to pass out. This year will be different.

This year I am going to get the foundations right before I start. I have a friend who is fitness mad and regularly takes part in iron man contests. He eats very well and is like a machine when he is focused on a goal. He creates a plan and implements – consistently.

He will be my coach until I do the Color Run.

This is exactly what our strategy session is designed to do. It allows me to get to the heart of your business and help get the foundations right for your online marketing. We will take a look at where you are now and put a plan together for how you can reach your goals.

Here is what you will get out of our strategy session:

  • I will give you an honest view of how your website looks and performs
  • We will discuss the results you are looking for in your business
  • We will discuss what is currently holding you back
  • Identify where the opportunities for growth are within your business
  • Provide a plan on how to move forwards and information on how to implement that plan

If you feel like you’re going to pass out at the 5k mark then book your strategy session now and we’ll build a foundation so you can run a marathon.