A Holiday With A Winning Formula

Theory Of Relativity

I’ve just got back from a week away with the family. It was nice to take some time out and chill out for a week.

We spent the week at a place called Centre Parcs. Centre Parcs is a great place for families as they have everything you need on-site. The same restaurants and coffee shops, same outdoor and indoor activities and swimming with slides, rides and a wave machine.

I spent over 3 hours in the pool with my little boy on one of the days. I lost count of how many times we went down the rapids and jumped over waves in the wave pool. I was a broken man that day but that is a different story

Interestingly we went on holiday to Centre Parcs last year. That time we went to a different location though. The thing you quickly notice is that, other than some of the finer details specific to each location, they all follow the same formula. The same restaurants and coffee shops, the same indoor and outdoor activities and the full on swimming experience.

It is a tried and tested formula. Over time they have figured out what works, what their customers want, the results it generates and they have implemented it consistently across all their locations.

This reminded me of how we look at NLP Training business websites. How we have a tried and tested formula for everything. How the website should be designed, how it should be structured, what type of information should go on there, how the information should be ordered and how you should position your courses and follow up by email.

A good rule of thumb for figuring this stuff out is to take a look at the NLP Training Profits Report at the Challenge #2 called “Getting a return on your marketing investment”. The five critical components give you a gauge for how your formula is working for you right now:

  • How much traffic are you getting?
  • Percentage of those people who are buying?
  • Percentage of those people who are signing up for email?
  • Percentage of those people who are buying from email?
  • Percentage of the buyers that are returning for more courses?

You will be using a formula in your market whether you know it or not. Whether that is by design or just by default.

Take some time this week to re-read the NLP Training Profits Report. Review your marketing campaigns and see how they stack up against the 5 criteria.

Maybe its time to use a different formula?